"Reliability doesn't just happen, it must be planned and managed over the product life-cycle."

SPRE, Inc. can work with you to make reliability a competitive advantage for your Software-based products and services.

The key to success for your software-based products is to strike the balance among product reliability, price, feature content, and timely delivery to the marketplace.

To manage reliability you must be able to measure it. This will allow you to
  • Set quantitative reliability requirements for your product,
  • use these requirements to guide development and
  • validate reliability requirements BEFORE delivery to your customer.

The discipline of Software Reliability Engineering (SRE) provides ways of measuring, analyzing and estimating reliability of software and applying these to managing reliability throughout the software life-cycle.

There are twenty-five recommended activities for doing SRE across the software life-cycle.

The reliability of software is heavily influenced by
  • how it is used and
  • how it is constructed.
Product usage is characterized by an Operation Profile.

Your customer's business processes dictate how your product will be used.

Software construction methods can influence software reliability through the process people use in developing software.

Process Engineering enables you to understand the business process of your customers and improve the development process of you software organization. Thus, Process Engineering can help you in both
  • constructing better Operational Profiles and
  • changing development processes to improve product reliability.

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